Chauffeur Travel Between Bristol & Heathrow Airport + top travel tip!

Businessman travelling to Heathrow Airport

Our most frequent requested executive Bristol chauffeur travel service has to be airport transfers between Bristol and Heathrow Airport. Of course, this goes without saying that it can typically involve a journey that experiences the best and the worst which the M4 motorway can offer!

One question our team of chauffeurs frequently encounter is … “how long will the journey take between Bristol and Heathrow Airport today?” And it’s a question we feel warrants an accurate answer because travelling at certain times of the day will no doubt have a significant impact on journey times.

Assuming BS1 as the central Bristol pickup location and Heathrow Airport as the dropoff point, Google Maps advises the total journey length as 103 miles with a duration of 1 hour 50 minutes, based on a free flowing motorway between Bristol and Heathrow. From our own experience, with zero traffic we advise journey times on a clear run along the M4 to average around 1 hour 40 minutes. Build in peak commuting times however, in the morning or in the evening, and journey times will increase, sometimes substantially so.

Top Chauffeur Tip: travelling to Heathrow (or maybe further on into London) and want to avoid the build up of rush hour on the M4 Eastbound in the morning? Then aim to be east of M4 Reading Junction 10 no later than 7.30am.

In order to achieve the suggested advice above then the ideal time to depart Bristol is 6am, be alongside Reading by 7.10am and into Heathrow Airport by 7.40am. Leave Bristol any later and the likelihood is you will hit the start of the morning rush: London-bound traffic, especially those commuters joining the M4 around Reading, can cause significant delays to your journey, sometimes forcing the journey to take anywhere up to 2 and a half hours. Factor in too a serious road traffic accident occurring on the M4 and the situation can change very quickly, although on the whole most accidents these days in rush hour tend to be low energy bumps and therefore easily cleared off the carriageway by the Emergency Services.

Travelling Advice: our advice to customers travelling from Bristol to Heathrow Airport is that their pickup time should be based on where they are flying to:

  • for European locations we advise a collection in Bristol commencing 4 hours before their scheduled flight is due to depart
  • for those flying further afield such as the United States or Asia then we recommend a collection around 5 hours in Bristol before your flight takes off

Of course, we are happy to go with an individual’s specific requirement, and yes we have some business customers who prefer to depart 3.5 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure, however we do advise them in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g RTAs, emergency road closures etc.) this will leave little time for them to make it to the airport, drop their bags at check-in and then clear the invariably long queues at airport security and make your boarding gate in time.

Where delays do occur then as professional and experienced chauffeurs we keep up to date with routes and timings and advise customers accordingly – and with in-car sat-nav included in our Mercedes Benz chauffeured fleet, complete with live traffic monitoring and rerouting, plus route and traffic management apps available on our smart phones, we make your chauffeured journey to Heathrow Airport from Bristol less fraught and ultimately MORE comfortable and thus stress-free.