Business Travel

Our chauffeurs take care of the driving, allowing you to take care of your business…

In today’s busy world, hiring a chauffeur is a very cost effective solution to business travel. When you have to attend scheduled business meetings or if you’re travelling across the UK based on an itinerary, opting for Rapid Exec Executive Cars is an excellent solution.

You can work in peace whilst you are driven safely and reliably to your destination, maximising your time management. No more frustrating waits for delayed trains, relying on public transport or concerns about parking.

Service Overview

  • Stress free door to door pickup and dropoff
  • Hassle free journey
  • Relax in the comfort of an executive car
  • Experienced, highly qualified drivers
  • On board 4G WIFI
  • Complimentary bottled mineral water
  • Newspapers and magazines (subject to availability)

Benefits of an Executive and Business Chauffeur Service

  • Cost Effective – save £100s of pounds on the combined cost of first class rail tickets, overnight hotel fees and local taxi fares,  especially when there is more than 1 of you travelling.
  • Efficient Service – arrive on time all ready for your business meeting or appointment.
  • Door to Door – no delays of trains or inconvenience of switching transport or finding parking.
  • Maximise Time Management – work in privacy during your journey with no interruptions from other noisy passengers. Prepare for meetings, catch up on emails and make calls from the comfort of a luxury car.
  • Onboard WIFI – wifi keeps you connected with the outside world and we also provide 12V and 240V power sockets to charge mobiles and laptops.
  • Secure – feel safe in the knowledge that you can leave luggage or personal belongings in the car with your chauffeur whilst you are in your meetings.
  • Immediate pick up – your driver will wait for you in close proximity to your location ready to depart onward when you are ready to leave.
  • Relaxed – picture yourself at the end of a long day at work, taking the opportunity to recline back in the seat of your prestige car, catching up on the latest news or even catching up on a well-earned rest, whilst our advanced driver-trained chauffeur effortlessly transfers you home.

Hiring an executive chauffeured car from Rapid Exec Executive Cars sets you free you from all of the frustrations of business travel via public transport. You can sit back and relax or use the time to work without the stress of driving in busy traffic and locating parking ensuring you arrive refreshed and ready for work.

Our service is so much more efficient and convenient. We fully recognise in executive travel there is a high level need for professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs and a range of prestige vehicles which are luxurious and have power and Wifi to ensure your journey is hassle free, productive and cost effective.

So, to make the most of your time and maximise your productivity, call us today on 0798 6162088 for an executive chauffeur service.