Imagine being chauffeur driven through the ultimate business link – the M4 Corridor!

chauffeur driven business man smiling into his tabletHave you ever thought about how many ‘business critical’ working hours are spent wasted waiting for delayed trains, enduring hours of standing in a train carriage as once again the rail network operates beyond peak capacity during commuter hours. The average commuter from Bristol to London spends approximately 5 hours a day battling the frustrations that come with using a combination of public transport. This works out at 25 hours of precious business hours down the drain every week!!

However, your daily commute could be much more effective in terms of productivity and relaxation: visualise yourself sat in the comfort of a prestige car wisely investing in the additional time before your next meeting. Sound appealing? Let us explain how that could be a reality …

The M4 Corridor explained

Originally known as the ‘London-South West Motorway’, the M4 motorway is one of the most synonymous routes to some of the most important towns and cities in the UK.

m4 corridor motorway england

The M4 Motorway, which was constructed in 1965 and officially opened in 1971, allowed one main stretch of road to connect major cities such as London, Reading, Swindon, Bristol and Cardiff. This made road travel times between these cities much faster than they were on the older A roads.

M4 Corridor – the backbone to UK industries
The M4 Corridor has created the “Silicon Valley” of the UK: a primary high-technology hub and home to a huge majority of the UK’s high tech firms and research centres: Vodafone, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft HQ to name but a few.

Let’s have a look at how much business is generated through the M4 link and why. Below are some characteristics of the M4 corridor that attract companies and business professionals alike:

  • Factory and office space can be a much lower cost to rent or purchase than in London
  • Effortless accessibility to Heathrow Airport – providing onward links to Europe and the rest of the world
  • Recruitment outside of London is cheaper – it is more straight forward to attract and retain staff because of the more rural locations.
  • Close proximity of universities for recruitment into high-tech industries like Computing, IT, Telecoms, Micro-electronics and Electrical engineering, all industries requiring highly skilled staff.

Not only does the M4 corridor allow swift access to the main British Market in London, but London’s primary airport, Heathrow, is located in close proximity to the M4 corridor allowing easy access for business trips to the USA, Europe and other markets across the world.

With industries being continuously attracted to establish their business along the M4 corridor for all the reasons above, the economic growth has proved extremely rewarding and will continue to grow and expand in time. So with business booming it is no wonder that the daily train commute can be tiring and troublesome. Hiring a private chauffeur-driven car eliminates these difficulties, read on to find out why…

Benefits of business travel by chauffeur
Many people think that being chauffeur driven is a luxury only for those who have more money than sense, however in this day and age if you consider all the elements involved it’s a highly cost effective and efficient service.

Save money – consider overnight hotel fees, first class train fares and local taxi fares and the number of people travelling as this will have a considerable impact on costs.

Door to Door – imagine travelling direct from your front door to the door of your destination, without having to factor in additional time and costs for local transfers at each end. You will of course completely eliminate any parking difficulties or fares.

Immediate Pick Up ­­– how often has your day been jammed with back to back appointments, quite often in separate locations. Your chauffeur is able to transfer you from one meeting to another and will be able to wait very close to your location, on hand for the exact time you wish to depart.

Relaxed – this speaks for itself, whether you are at the start of your day or at the end, the inevitable stress brought on by rush hour travel is the last thing you need. Become accustomed to reclining back and enjoying a smooth journey in luxury conditions, knowing that you will arrive at your destination in a relaxed state, with no further transfers to consider and ready to face the day or to unwind and rest for the night.

Efficiency – in your prestige vehicle your chauffeur will be an experienced professional and with the added benefit of Wi-Fi and 12V/240V power, your journey will be painless and endlessly productive.

How can we help?
By using Rapid Exec Executive Cars you will free yourself from all the frustrations of public transport. You can utilise your time so you are not wasting crucial business hours tackling the demands of public transport. You can rest assured that you are going to be delivered to your desired destination with a hassle-free and luxurious journey.

Having an extremely efficient and professional service we at Rapid Exec provide a quality travel experience that is not only cost effective, but also completely productive and stress free. So let us take care of the driving and you can be free to take care of what’s important: your business.

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