Rugby World Cup 2015: Have You Got Your Transport Sorted?

Travelling to the Rugby World Cup 2015 With the 18th September looming ever closer the eighth Rugby World Cup is almost upon us. But unfortunately many fans will fail to plan their transport in advance and consequently be faced with delayed and oversubscribed trains, distant car parks, and worse still: potentially missing the most crucial minutes of a match …

Travel Warnings From Officials

Back in July 2009 England beat rival bids from the likes of Italy, Japan, and South Africa to host the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Taking place from 18th September for 6 weeks, Twickenham Stadium in West London will be the final host venue as more than 20 teams attempt to beat the reigning champions, New Zealand.

Throughout the 6 week period fans will see 29 competing games across 13 stadium locations in England and Wales including:

  • Twickenham Stadium, London
  • Wembley Stadium, London
  • Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
  • Villa Park, Birmingham
  • Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester
  • Sandy Park, Exeter

With so many games taking place and high volumes of crowds inevitable, 4.3million extra journeys are expected to take place across the 44 day event. Therefore transport networks in and around the host cities are likely to suffer and become significantly busier than usual. It is paramount that you plan your journey in advance and make Chauffeur travel to Millenium Stadium, Cardiff appropriate travel arrangements for any attended games.

According to the Rugby World Cup official homepage there will be no parking at the majority of match venues, except for those with booked blue badge spaces, meaning that any individuals wishing to drive will have to find other means of parking. One option may be park and ride or park and walk services although these will be extremely busy and will need to be booked in advance, ahead of time.

Shuttle buses will also be available with managed access and road closures in place across varying cities. Officials have also stated that there will be extra services and altered trains times on match days but they will be enormously busy. Unfortunately this is not the case for all matches and some fans travelling by rail may run the risk of having to leave matches early in order to make it home.

The Hassle of Travel

Travelling to events is never easy. There are far too many aspects to consider and we all wish we could just get up and go and make our way home without any fuss at the end of the evening. Unfortunately if you’re venturing on public transport this is unlikely and you’ll likely suffer at the schedule of the public transport provider in terms of timings and delays.

At peak times busy trains are a nightmare which any frequent user will be aware of. Whilst most Overcrowded Train Stationstowns and cities are well served by train lines you run the likelihood of delays and extra hassle, particularly on Sundays when schedules are limited and bus replacement journeys are likely. At the end of the day, you can never really rely on a train to get you somewhere on time.

Driving may also seem like a great option, and in some respects it gives you the freedom of leaving when you want. However, with limited parking options available across all 13 stadiums, a great deal of hassle ensues. Wouldn’t attending such an event be considerably more enjoyable if you didn’t have the stress of finding the best route, finding somewhere to park and having to walk miles to finally reach the stadium? Well that’s where we can help!

Have You Considered a Chauffeur Service to the Match?

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Let our team of professionals unburden you from the distraction of driving allowing you to bask in the full day, enjoying conversation, a relaxed journey, and perhaps a drink or two. Our meet and greet service doesn’t restrict you to leaving a game earlier and allows you to really embrace the ambience of the day without rushing to leave.

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Match Locations Revealed

The location of all games have been released and with rugby fans worldwide now receiving their tickets there isn’t a better time to get planning your journey. Take a look at the match dates, locations and times below before giving us a call on 01179 000709 to arrange your hassle free journey.

Twickenham Stadium, London

The Home of England Rugby, Twickenham stadium seats an impressive 82,000 spectators and is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. Did you know that before the ground was bought it was used to grow cabbages and so explains its nickname, the ‘Cabbage Patch’.

  • Friday 18th Sept – England V Fiji @ 8pm
  • Saturday 19th Sept – France V Italy @ 8pm
  • Saturday 26th Sept – England V Wales @ 8pm
  • Saturday 3rd Oct – England V Australia @ 8pm
  • Saturday 10th Oct – Australia V Wales @ 4.45pm
  • Saturday 17th Oct – QF1: W Pool B V RU Pool A @ 4pm
  • Sunday 18th Oct – QF4: W Pool A V RU Pool B @ 4pm
  • Saturday 24th Oct – SF1: W QF1 V W QF2 @ 4pm
  • Sunday 25th Oct – SF2: W QF3 V W QF4 @ 4pm
  • Saturday 31st Oct – Final @ 4pm

Wembley Stadium, London

Opened in 2007, the original Wembley Stadium was demolished in 2002 on the same site. With a capacity of 90,000 it is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second largest in Europe. Sitting above the north strand the stadium features a 133 metre tall arch; in fact it’s so large the London Eye wheel could roll underneath it.

  • Saturday 20th Sept – New Zealand V Argentina @ 4.45pm
  • Sunday 27th Sept – Ireland V Romania @ 4.45pm

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

The National Stadium of Wales, the home of Wales’ National Rugby Union, was originally built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup. With a total seating capacity of 74,500 the full cost of the stadium was a staggering £121 million and has since hosted more than 350 events.

  • Saturday 19th Sept – Ireland V Canada @ 2.30pm
  • Sunday 20th Sept – Wales V Uruguay @ 2.30pm
  • Wednesday 23rd Sept – Australia V Fiji @ 4.45pm
  • Thursday 1st Oct – Wales V Fiji @ 4.45pm
  • Friday 2nd Oct – New Zealand V Georgia @ 8pm
  • Sunday 11th Oct – France V Ireland @ 4.45pm
  • Saturday 17th Oct – QF2: TBC V TBC @ 8pm
  • Sunday 18th Oct – QF3: TBC V TBC

Villa Park, Birmingham

Primarily a football stadium, Villa Park is in the district of Witton, Birmingham and possesses a seating capacity of 42,682. Other than sports such as boxing matches and international rugby league and rugby union matches, the stadium has been host to various concerts.

  • Saturday 26th Sept – South Africa C Samoa @ 4.45pm
  • Sunday 27th Sept – Australia V Uruguay @ 12pm

Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

Seating 16,500 people, it was once used as the home stadium for England before they settled in Twickenham, and is often nicknamed ‘Castle Grim’ after the estate where the stadium is built.

  • Saturday 19th Sept – Tonga V Georgia @ 12pm
  • Wednesday 23rd Sept – Scotland V Japan @ 2.30pm
  • Friday 25th Sept – Argentina V Georgia @ 4.45pm
  • Sunday 11th Oct – USA V Japan @ 8pm

Sandy Park, Exeter

The home ground of the Exeter Chiefs, Sandy Park is located 5 miles from Exeter City centre. The stadium can hold 12,500 spectators and is the smallest of this year’s Rugby world cup venues.

  • Tuesday 29th Sept – Tonga V Namibia @ 4.45pm
  • Wednesday 7th Oct – Namibia V Georgia @ 8pm
  • Sunday 11th Oct – Italy V Romania @2.30pm

Ensure you are well prepared and plan your travel in advance in order to enjoy a stress free and relaxed journey to and from your chosen matches, preserving all your energy for obligatory game chants, friendly banter and edge of your seat action!

Call us now on 01179 000709 or email us at to book your chauffeured travel for the Rugby World Cup.