Top Tips For a Stress Free Holiday This Summer

suitcases in window with plane outsideIt’s almost time for us to head off into the sunset and pretend for a week or two that we live in sunny luxury in an exotic, far away land. The thought of the heat on our backs and the sand between our toes has kept us going through the cold, dark winter months.

Most of us, after working seemingly endless hours, harbour summertime fantasies where we’ll have sun kissed skin, a drink in hand and the sound of the ocean in the distance. But the reality is that you could be thrust into your own nightmare in the run up to departure if you aren’t prepared.

Instead, let’s make the whole event a stress free one by following Rapid Exec’s summer holiday guide.

Your State of Mind

Take the Pressure Off

It certainly sounds simple enough but when you have limited days off work it soon becomes the only thing you look forward to all year round. There can often be a huge amount of pressure to make your holiday the best one yet, which often works against you. Just remember that sometimes the best memories you make on holiday are those that occur when you least expect.

Let Go

Having a stress free holiday doesn’t just mean transporting yourself off to the beach; you need to ensure that you let go and lose your daily habits. Don’t take the office with you and try not to think about that expenses report whilst led next to the pool. It is time to enjoy yourself and this means letting go of the constraints of everyday life and allowing yourself to leave home behind.

Before Take Off

Do Your Research

Summer Occasion Online Booking Digital Tablet ConceptIt is always a good idea to do as much research as you can about your destination. Make sure you look into everything from the best restaurants to the local laws and culture ensuring you don’t offend the locals.

Check in Online

In theory this should make travelling a lot less stressful; at least in terms of picking the best airplane seats or ensuring that the family are all sat together.


There is a lot to consider in terms of documentation when planning your holiday. These are all relatively easy to acquire and essential to the smooth running of your holiday, so make sure you don’t forget the following:

  • Check your passport is valid
  • Vaccinations (if needed)
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Visa Applications


Gold MPV used for airport transfers. Rapid Exec BristolHave you thought about how you’re getting to the airport yet? You’ll find a host of airport parking on offer that’s for sure, but more often than not this just adds to the stress of the airport experience.

Once you have considered your route to avoid heavy traffic, road closures, the lengthy time it takes to park your car a mile or two away from the terminal, and catch a bus whilst lugging around heavy suitcases it would be much easier to simply order a professional chauffeur service.

With door to door airport kerbside drop-off, meet and greet service in airport arrival halls, and a host of other airport transfer benefits a chauffeur service like Rapid Exec could not be easier, and most importantly stress free.

Packing Your Bags

We are all guilty of over packing; you might just need that extra shirt or that jacket just in case it gets chilly, right? Keep your clothing options easy and only pack the necessities; we think it’s better to pack light and be comfortable than over pack and be exhausted lugging that case about. Why not create yourself a checklist over the coming weeks to ensure you don’t forget anything, or follow online guides to holiday packing essentials?

Don’t forget to note the number of bags you can take, it’s usually one cabin and one haul, as well as the weight limitations which vary from airline to airline.

At The Airport

Time it Right

Airline Passengers in an International AirportIt is certainly not a good idea to cut it short when arriving at the airport, especially in the high summer season. If you’re not a seasoned traveller you might want to make yourself aware of the security checks and what you can & can’t take on board with you. For instance did you know that airport security measures say if your electronic device is not charged and you cannot show it functioning security officials have the right to take it off of you?

Coping with the Wait

You are likely to arrive at the airport with a couple of hours to spare. Keeping the family (and even yourself) entertained can be a task in itself, however there are usually plenty of shops, bars and restaurant security side at the airport – and if you need some quiet space there is always the airline first class lounge to relax in. 

On Holiday

Perhaps the most important thing to remember from this post is the following; have fun! Your holiday should be relaxing and not a constant stream of stressful situations. So make sure you follow our tips to help you on your way. After all, you’ve likely been anticipating this trip for months, waiting to escape the stresses of everyday life; so don’t fall victim to poor planning.

More Help and Information

If you’re planning a holiday this summer and want it begin from the moment you lock your front door, give Rapid Exec a call on 0117 900 0709 for more help and information regarding our airport transfer service.